Monday, February 29, 2016

February Card Show Recap pt 2 of 2

The best part of arriving as early as I do, along with a few others is the opportunity to see the newest stuff right away, whether that be from the $0.20 cards. $0.50 cards, relics, or the Ask For Price items.  This show, he did not have any new vintage stock, but I dug into his $3 box and the ask for price box.  Within a few moments I made 2 stacks, the ones I wanted for certain, and then the possible.  Needless to say the value when he packages the cards is beyond reproach.   This is  the nice little stack of quality I walked away with...

     Before he was Giancarlo, he was "Mike" - This is the first of two name change players.  I am not a big Chrome fan, but I could not pass up adding a Stanton certified auto to my PC.  Sadly, my scanner does not give this card justice. 

    Bill "Mad Dog" Madlock is honestly one of the most under-rated players from the 70s-early 80s.  A 3 times All-Star Third Baseman, Madlock won 4 National League batting titles (1975, 1976, 1981, 1983)  Very happy to the fiery Mad Dog to my collection.

     I've always been an Alan Trammell fan. He was always a thorn in the side of my beloved Red Sox, but man was he a player (He and his double play partner and heterosexual life mate of 19 years, Lou Whitaker) The xix time all-star won 4 Gold Glove awards while manning the shortstop position for the Tigers.  It is a travesty that he is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Put his stats up against most of the enshrined shortstops and he is right up there or even better than a good many of them.  Who else happens to be an Alan Trammell fan? This guy...

Trammell also happens to be the favorite player of Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee on "The Walking Dead") My wife and I had the chance to meet Steven in 2014 and while many people wanted to talk all thing \s Walking Dead, I was more than happy to talk some baseball with Steven.  That mid 80s Tigers team was something special from the criminally ignored Jack Morris, to Lance Parrish, Sweet Lou, Steve Kemp, Glen Wilson, Kirk Gibson, Dan Petry, and of course, Trammell.

     Last auto was from the $3 box is this SP Chirography of Todd Helton.  Say what you want about the air in COlorado, but Helton was a damn good player.  He might not be the prototypical slugging first baseman type player if you take him away from Coors Field but Helton was a "ballplayer" and found ways to win games for the Rocks.

  I could go on and on about how good and dominant Juan Marichal was in his hey day.  Overshadowed by two guys named Koufax and Gibson, Marichal was an amazing pitcher that dominated his league for most of his career.  This 1967 set me back $2.50.

Please ignore the shadow of the screw on this 1977 Topps cloth card of Captain Carl.  I don't run into this test issue often, so I was quite pleased to add a Hall of Famer and Red Sock.  I would love to put this set together, but I have so much going on that it will have to wait for another day.  Maybe once I run into a nice lot of the cloth cards, then I will make the plunge, but for now, happy with Yaz.

The second guy that went through a name change, David "Big Papi" Arias.  While Papi was Arias, you could grab this card for pennies.  Ortiz only netted 58 homers during his 6 seasons with the Twins.  Once things clicked with the Red Sox, the most recent member of the 500 Home Run Club has seen this card jump in value.  Luckily, I netted Papi in a package deal for what his card alone sells for.

     Finally, a stack of relics.  I have stated before, Carlton Fisk was one of my childhood idols growing up, and I am looking to collect any and all cards of him only as a member of the  BOSTON RED SOX.  The Sox should never had let him get away in 1981.  

 Finally a few more relics.  Another guy I cannot talk highly enough is the amazing Davy Lopes.  Lopes was a late bloomer, but was pretty productive into his 40s.  (He was also born and raised about 30 minutes South of where I live.) The other guys are pretty good in their own right.  and the oddball serial numbered non-relic of Brooks Robinson.   So I thought I did pretty well with this show, and it is only a week away before the next one.  I hope I fare just as well.  Thanks for reading.


  1. That Stanton is a beauty and I love the Madlock. Congrats!

  2. M-A-N! You got some unbelievable cardboard at that show, great haul.

  3. After reading a few of your posts and putting two and two together you have to be talking about the Mansfield show. I haven't been to the last two because of travel. Will be in attendance this Sunday.

    1. And "Frenchie" got to be your guy. He helped me complete my 71 and 72 Topps sets.

  4. That Trammell is fantastic. Had no idea he wasn't in the Hall Of Fame. Fisk also was one of my favorites growing up. I'll be making the Mansfield trek this Sunday.

  5. Good stuff man, love that Chipper relic