Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Post Christmas Card Show Pt. 2

After picking out a handful of vintage singles, I hit the masses of price point bargain boxes. This dealer Has boxes ranging from $3 down to $0.10, $0.07, and $0.05. Each show, what did not sell at that show is shifted down one price point for the following show. These boxes are chcok full of tons of base cards and 90s inserts of all the big names. Griffey, Thomas, Maddux, Big Unit, A-Rod, Chipper, Vlad, Pujols, Piazza, Larkin, Bonds, etc, etc. You will find all other sports as well but my primary is baseball. After all was said and done, I believe I walked out with an additional 849 cards from the discount gins. If nothing else, it makes for good trade foddder. But with all boxes, there are all sorts of fun gems....
These cards came from the higher priced bins, but I think the Bonds double relic was the most expensive at a whopping couple bucks.  The Longo swatch was at the last show and had now made its way down to the dollar bin, so I snagged him along with another Delgado.  I have amassed quite a Delgado collection.  I just wish there were a Toronto Blue Jays fan that wants an instant Carlos collection for a couple Joe Carters I need.  The Walker and Big Unit swatches were better than average snags, at least there is a pinstripe.  The Chavez is not a relic card, but number to 50 and cost me maybe .50.

     Even graded cards find their way in the box.  It would cost me more to ship these cards to a grading service than it cost me to acquire them.  

     Any food issue will gain my interest.  Not huge stars, but I will take as many Hostess cards for a .10 that I can grab.  These are not even cut that badly.  So few of these cards survived the jittery hands of a suger-addled kid.

     More dime goodness with a small cache of near mint 1982 Kellogg's cards.  No cracking, and no scratches on the surface.  4 Hall of Famers and 2 other big star names.  These cards were another one of those smaller issue sets that I like to put together.  manageable number, lots of stars, and a novel look. 

  I love the look of The Heritage sets, and the All-Time Fan Favorites, and of course the Archives.   Certainly it is lazy to rely on reusing old card designs, but no one seems to complain.  I will make it a point to pick up as many of the Heritage and Archives that I can to start putting the base sets together (SPs be damned!! I will track you down!!)  This 2010 insert set is a perfect example of a fun set.  A Jimmie Foxx in 1986 design, or a 1957 Johnny Bench card, love these cards and hope to track down more of them at a discount price.  These were either a nickel or 0.07 cents each.

Found a few odd cards that failed to get their foil stamping.  These cards you can se the imprint of the die striking the card, but it failed to leave the ink.  I can see all three being unique additions to a player or team collector.  I know I love getting misprint Joe Carter cards.

    Front Row was a small company that didn't last too long.  Not a real surprise, their designs were pretty mundane but for the price it was worth snagging a few Hall of Famer card sets.

 This 1992 Score set is just an odd item.  In 1992, these sets were actually a bit uncommon.  How well the distribution of these cards went is beyond me, but it appears over the years hidden caches of the cards continue to pop up thus diminishing any real collectible value other than that of the die hard player or team collector.    That was just 36 of the the 849 cards I pulled out of the boxes on that day.  I can't wait for the Martin Luther King Day show, jsut to see how well I do then.  Any requests??

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